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Rebecca White – Behavioral Interventionist, RYT

For as long as I can remember, I have been passionate about child development. Fascinated by the human brain, I spent high school taking psychology classes and volunteering in special education programs. Along with receiving my teaching certification, I focused my degree from Boston University on developmental psychology, learning about typical development and more specifically, developmental disabilities.

After gaining experience as a community based outreach case manager. I took a highly sought position with the RCS Learning Center, a school for autistic children who are too severe to attend public schools. I worked hands on with over 35 students, ranging from ages 5 to 15, conducting initial assessments and creating individualized behavior plans. I worked closely with a highly trained faculty and participated in ongoing trainings across topics specific to children with autism.

In 2011, I moved to San Diego seeking new adventures. Once I arrived, destiny intervened. Early on in my job search I found Julia, a 12 year old girl with autism and epilepsy. Although her parents had been told she would never talk, read, write or spell, they maintained an optimistic outlook. I was hired by her parents to home school her. After trying many strategies and curriculums, we found “direct instruction” to be most beneficial to her progress. I have been thoroughly trained in these programs and work on them daily with her. Julia’s parents and I became her “team” and setting goals together we have watched her mature and excel in so many ways.  At the age of 15 now her language is flourishing, her reading and spelling skills are astonishing.

It was also soon after moving here that yoga took a huge precedence in my life. The more involved in my personal practice and the yoga community I became, the more the benefits of stillness of mind and calmness of body were manifested in my life.

Living these benefits, I realized what a powerful impact yoga could have on a child with autism and their families. In my search to find a studio or teacher to integrate yoga into Julia’s life I discovered a children’s yoga studio that was offering a teacher training. I immediately signed up for the training.  The training led me to uncover my true “calling” – to enrich the lives of children with autism through yoga. I continued on to complete an extensive course in certified 200 hour Registered Yoga Training (RYT).

In 2014, I launched Just Believe Yoga with the vision of impacting the lives of autistic children by providing tools supporting relaxation and self-regulation through yoga in a stress free and fun environment.

I look forward to joining your child’s team!


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